This site is owned, supervised and operated by Conita Consulting Ltd. At Stronger Self, we prioritize your privacy, and have created this Privacy Policy page to demonstrate our dedication to safeguarding the privacy of our clients. This page provides a complete explanation on the nature of information gathered by us, and how it is used and protected by us.

We will not engage in the practice of sharing or using your private information with anyone except the parties explicitly described in this Privacy Policy. Kindly note that your personal information can be used to improve the quality of the coaching services offered. By associating with us, and using our services, you agree to the rules regarding the collection and use of information stated herein.

Collection of Information

Stronger Self, along with its web hosting company, engages in the collection and storage of the technical information related to your visit to this website. The information collected is used for statistical analysis, and such performance analysis of the website is done to improve and increase the accessibility of this website.

We make use of statistical software to track the search patterns of our visitors. This is primarily performed to look for relevant search terms, the browser types and browser strings of all users. We also make use of log data, and derive statistics from Google Analytics, which includes information such as:

  • IP address
  • Browser version and types
  • The service pages frequented by the visitors
  • The time and date of the visit
  • Amount of time spent on each web page

No personally identifiable information is tracked individually; this is a collective tracking to comprehend the search and usage patterns of all users. Such information is given to us by our clients voluntarily. This also informs us how each webpage of this website is performing, and helps us to improve our services.

Kindly note that we do not provide any personal information, belonging to any individual visiting this website, to third parties.

What Kind of Information Do We Track?

Information Collected Through the Contact Us Page

Our Contact Us page includes various headings related to the visitors, such as name, email address, subject, message etc. Such a form is intended for the use of future communication with the clients, and responding to their queries about coaching. The information collected here is used for no other purpose.

Information Collected Through Member Subscription

Visitors/clients can register with us by sharing their names and email addresses. We use these email addresses to get latest updates and information about our newsletters. Kindly note that we do not share these email addresses with any other third-party. Information regarding the process of unsubscribing is present in every newsletter content, and recipients can unsubscribe any time without any obligation.

Sharing of Information

The collection of information with regard to the visitors are used by us to improve our services and web content. Such information is also used to process the user requests, and provide a general support to the clients. We would not share such information to any third party, except in cases in which we are legally bound to comply with any applicable law to safeguard the private information of all people visiting our website.

Access to Information

Our clients, who have shared their private information through our web portal, are entitled to receiving from us a copy of the information stored about them. Such copies can be requested anytime, and we would happy to assist our clients in this regard.

Marketing Purpose

In order to reach a wider audience over the internet, we make use of some third-party providers like Google. Our activities may include displaying promotional content and advertisements over the internet to reach out to customers who are interested in our services. We also make use of retargeting in association with some third-party providers, who use cookies to display the most relevant advertisements to the search results.

In case you do not wish to use cookies, you can deactivate it from your Google Ad settings.


Here, at Stronger Self, we make use of secure data networks that are safeguarded by reliable firewall and password protection system. We also get our privacy and security parameters periodically checked, in order to ensure that only authorized people can access the personal information provided by our clients.

If you have more questions regarding our security measures, you can contact us through our contact us page.

Linking to Other Sites

We might redirect your queries to other relevant sites from our website. Kindly note that Stronger Self does not take any responsibility for the privacy policies maintained by those sites. We also do not provide any guarantee on the accuracy of the promotional content displayed on other sites. Our privacy policy only protects information that is shared by our clients on this website. We encourage our visitors to be careful when they leave our site, and request them to go through the privacy policies of all other web parties asking for their personal information. Kindly note that we do not make use of cookies to collect personally identifiable information such as email addresses.

Site Content

You may use, download or get a printed copy of the content and associated materials on this website for any non-commercial or personal use. You would require the written content of Stronger Self in order to retain the permission to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, transfer, or sell any information, software, products or services obtained from this website.

All rights reserved by Stronger Self. No reproduction, distribution, or transmission of the copyrighted materials at this site is permitted without the written permission of Stronger Self.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

Stronger Self reserves the right to alter or modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Our privacy policies can be updated from time to time. You are highly advised to visit our "Privacy Policy" page periodically to be aware of any changes that may occur on this page.